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2021 Alien Mask
2021 Alien Mask
2021 Alien Mask
2021 Alien Mask
2021 Alien Mask
2021 Alien Mask

2021 Alien Mask

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Material: We choose natural silica gel. Non-toxic, harmless and odorless. Flexible silicone makes it easy to put on and take off. The mask is breathable and not stuffy, so you can wear it on your face for a long time.
Design: The design conforms to the head shape of most people in the West. It can adapt to the face without affecting facial expressions. The realistic facial features make you look like a real alien.



The alien mask is hand-designed by special effects professionals to make this mask very realistic. We will also use these special effects props in some alien movie.


Let your friends fall into fear of being abducted by aliens, are you ready to fool your friends? 😈😈


We have prepared this gift for fans of alien movies, to pay tribute to our childhood and our alien friend.

addition, the alien masks can also be used in Mardi Gras, Masquerade, Party, Christmas, Halloween, Costume, Party, Punk party.

On a dark, moonless night, the alien menace descended from a beam of blue light. The alien has chosen you as his next test subject. As he approached, you couldn't move but stare into his huge, expressionless eyes. He tells you telepathically that you will be prodded, cut, and reassembled, all to create a hybrid of aliens and humans that will one day conquer earth. The next thing you know, you wake up in bed with a strange new scar. Is this a dream? Halloween alien masks add a great addition to any collection of scary merchandise or UFO gear.
This is a brand new alien silicone face mask. The silicone mask will turn you into a sci-fi alien in just a few seconds. The mask comes with oversized colored lenses and soft head-filling foam to reduce weight and increase comfort.

All masks have enhanced mesh around the eyes, nose, mouth, and ears to improve durability. The mask is available in one size only and can fit most average head sizes from 21 to 24 around the forehead. This mask is fun, mischievous, and has an amazing facial expression.
Indistinguishable masks, masquerades, Halloween, the perfect choice.
The mask head design, when worn with leggings, jackets or hoodies, provides a perfect movie-quality look.